Thursday, 16 October 2014

Pay For Me Services In Nigeria

Buy perfect money in Nigeria from the most reliable internet payments service company in Nigeria. Call us on: 08060521047. Our job is to help you to make your online payments for any product or service.

At our pay for me service we simplify your internet shopping and payments needs. We provide you an excellent and fast way to achieve that while you pay us in Naira, (perfect money, Paypal etc for International Client). We pay and ship your Physical product to your doorstep. After payment, send Your Payment Notification to Us: Click here Whatever your need. We equally handle physical product procurement and ship it directly to your home or in Nigeria.

Our company can handle your purchases from any country of the world and have your product shipped to your door-step at your convenience. If you want to buy a product or products or pay for any service right now, then call us on 08060521047 and we will place your order immediately Or if you want to pay for an ebook, school fees or subscriptions or just anything, just call the number above or you can Email us at : stating the product(s) or service(s), plus the website where the product or service is found online and we will get back to you soonest possible. Please call us to confirm if we have received your order.

There are times when you will see some products or services you want to purchase yourself online but no Credit Card or PayPal account to make such payments online. Or you may want to do registration for your exams abroad or pay for tuition using electronic means and so on. What of paying your suppliers abroad through PayPal, Credit Card, Liberty Reserve, Western Union Transfer, Moneygram etc. Just contact us.

How We Operate: Go to any website you want to make payment(s) to online, get the link (URL) and email us if need be to ascertain what it will take to make payment there. We will get back to you with the details. However, if you want us to help you to buy downloadable products like eBooks, software or products from ClickBank, Froogle, PayDotCom, Plimus, 2CheckOut, Foreign Universities, etc, we will charge you N200 per US PayPal Dollar plus N2,000 transaction fee (or $1.35 Liberty Reserve per $1 PayPal) if we are using PayPal. Minimum order is $5. It means that if you want to order a product that will cost from $1 to $5, we will charge you for $5 Pay-for-Me Service. Call: 08060521047 to make payment and notify us.

We deliver within 24hrs or 48hrs as the case may be. Are you planning to buy any product or service from USA, UK ,EUROPE and other part of the world on the internet? Our pay4me service is here to provide swift online procurement and delivery it to your doorstep. You can do any online payment through us e.g Tuition fee (TOFEL/SAT), Air fare ticketing, International Hotel Booking payment, Virtual Office without stress.

We also buy and ship all physical products from the merchants to our USA office and then turn around and ship them to our client's address. That way your order will never be rejected by sellers who are afraid to sell/ship to Nigeria. Online Payment in Nigeria made simple Just name it, any product you can think of. We will buy and ship on your behalf be it digital camera, magazines, training fee , laptops, jewellery, Mobile Phones etc.

What more, we can also help you to start your small export business (international cargo shipping ). You can buy your product delivered to your doorstep without having to worry about air-fare. This will help you to save a lot of money. Product we can ship include small quantity and large container like cars, computers, other electronic gadget etc.

We ship any product provided they do not contravene to the law of Nigeria. We can buy any downloadable products from Clickbank ,Amazon, Paydotcom, eBay ,Membership site etc within 24hrs. NOTE: We do not accept ONLINE BANK TRANSFER we only accept CASH DEPOSIT.

We only process the order when your payment is confirmed. Once we get your payment details we shall begin the process of your order immediately. To make payment please Call: 08060521047

Our bank account details:

Bank: Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB)

Account Name: Okunlola Kamilu Oladele

Account Number: 0034513546