Friday, 17 October 2014

Buy Credit Cards In Nigeria

Welcome to Our Credit Cards Provision service. If you need a credit card that will enable are here to take the stress off your neck by providing you with a Reliable credit card in Nigeria. We can also help you to pay with our credit card. You are in the right place to get a Legitimate Credit Card in Nigeria.

We also exchange Perfect Money to Paypal and Paypal to Perfect MoneyLikewise Perfect Money to PayzaPayza to Perfect Money,Perfect Money to BitcoinBitcoin to Perfect MoneyPerfect Money to WebMoneyWebMoney to Perfect Money,  Perfect Money to Liberty Reserve etc. Not only can you make deposit to buy Perfect Money but also buy Perfect Money with credit cards"
 Our Virtual Prepaid credit card can be used to pay for Google Adword registration, E-bay
shopping, Amazon shopping, etc and also for paying student tuition abroad, registration fees
and is a legitimate credit card in Nigeria.

 If you want to make clickbank website payment(s), then do not order this card. Just call
us to help you pay on clickbank and we will.

Our virtual credit card are reloadable and can be used to pay any goods or service online.

The card comes with security code that gives the card user a security against unauthorised

Our visa card gives you instant access to shop in all countries of the world where ever
visa cards are accepted.

Our visa credit card attracts no annual fee. You do not even need much protocol to follow to
get our virtual prepaid credit card.

There is also a 14 days money-back guaranty for you provided you have not spent from it.

                      Virtual Prepaid Visa Card Price

              VisaCard Value                     Naira Value
                  $25                               N8,700
                  $35                               N10,000
                  $50                               N13,700
                  $75                               N19,000
                  $100                              N23,000
                  $125                              N28,000
                  $150                              N32,000
                  $175                              N36,000
                  $200                              N43,000
                  $300                              N60,800                    
                 $400                              N82,000
                  $500                              N97,000
                  $1,000                            N190,000

Note: The prices here is tentative (it changes over and over) Call: 08060521047

After Payment you will have to go to our site credit cards and click on "Send
Us Payment Notification" and fill in the form and submit the payment details from the bank
including Your full name on the teller, the bank teller no, purpose of the payment and your
phone no. E.g "Please process Visa Credit Card for me ($250), Name on card: David Solomon

Next call us on 08060521047 to let us know you have sent us Payment Notification. Once we
receive your payment notification, it will be processed and you will be notified once it is

                We Accept Payment Through:
          ACCOUNT NAME: Okunlola Kamilu Oladele
          ACCOUNT NO  : 0034513546
    please Call STRICTLY Between 8.ooam - 5.30pm Monday to Friday Only.